ArcPad and XAML

At the ESRI UC there was a Microsoft .NET SIG meeting. A rep from Microsoft showed off some slick looking stuff based on XAML. It’s basically a declarative way of programming. It reminds me more of the programming experience presented by Arcpad studio than Visual Studio.

Even though ArcPad 7 ships in a box that says “ArcGIS 9”, it presents a very different sort of developer experience. At first I was thinking how much simpler it would be if Arcpad became more like the rest of ArcGIS. But now I think I had it backwards. If XAML is the future then Arcpad should be the trailblazer. ESRI has been criticized for not having much new to show off in this conference. Maybe what we need is to see how ArcGIS will move away from COM and towards .NET and XAML.

Perhaps a demo of Arcpad 8.0 customized via WPF/E, and how it all fits into the full blown ArcGIS customized via WPF ?


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